Monday, January 14, 2013

                    This cutie pie who is lazing around in the fall leaves is really a lucky cat!

We call him Lucky Son of Three Buttons....Lucky Buttons for short. 
Because, he really is a lucky son of a bi**!
When he came running up to Mr.B. after eating a dead mouse Id thrown out behind the hydro box in the front yard...this little guy showing signs of hunger, almost jumped in MR.B's arms...He brought him to the house and I took a fast look at him and said no, no more cats!
The reason hes lucky is because I had a change of heart....
                            When I saw, that he was just a little guy I had a change of heart...
Who wouldn't with those eyes...
Three Buttons, because he has three small black spots on his tummy, like buttons!
I just wonder, what is this small cat was doing outside at night so hungry? Were is his family?

Turns out he made pals right away with our Lilly
Most of the time she would just lick him until he gave in.
Lucky Buttons loves to play, and run, hes so smart too...He will actually play catch with us. 
Below resting after playing, it's hard to keep him inside, he loves being out doors...
Its hard to keep him in the fence too...but we do try.
See the tree in the back ground? That's his ditching the yard tree!

            Except this day, he made it down the snowy stairs, then straight back again, into the warm house...
Like with all of our other fur babies, Buttons loves Christmas wrap...
and Christmas boxes, here he's playing with Lucy Belle
                                                        He even has Christmas colored eyes...
                                                         That's the Christmas spirit Buttons!!!
                      Below~ We are cat sitting our grandsons cat, Mr. Jangles left, he and lucky Buttons, right
                                                                        look so much alike!
Turns out Lucky Buttons isn't the only one who is lucky,we are too...
hes a loving, affectionate, joyful kitty...and we all love him!

Right Bylla?
Thanx for finding us, you... Lucky Son of Three Buttons!


  1. The best cats are those that just turn up and ask to stay. He looks like a 'keeper'.

  2. hi tracy,

    i just love your cutie pies!!
    i so enjoyed your lovely photos!

    hope you have a great weekend!